Earning Your Stars

All of the classes, Tiny TuTu’s through Intermediate III, we use what we call a “Star system” to help your young dancer in learning their dances. We have used this system for eighteen years, and have found it is the best way to help the students learn their dances, prepare them to go on stage and perform in front of an audience.

For those that are new to this system, I would like to explain how it works so that you and your dancer will be prepared. Once the entire dance has been taught each class will start earning their stars. To earn a star, the students will get up in front of their class, either one or two at a time, and perform their dance one step at a time. They will start with step 1 and each week thereafter adding the next step until completed. By doing it one or two at a time, it will accomplish the following:

  1. Allows the teacher to see where the dancer needs help (if any) and give specific corrections.
  2. Gives the dancer an opportunity to practice performing in front of others which will give them confidence to go on stage.
  3. Gives the dancers incentive to practice at home so that he/she will be ready.

We realize that this does take time and effort on the part of you the parent, but we know the joy you and your child will feel after the performance is worth every minute. If you feel you need some extra help, do not hesitate to ask. We want your child to feel they know their dance inside and out. You are also welcome to come in and video the dance to help your child practice.